President Ray Simon engaged BreakThrough to help him create a culture of accountability. At the time, his 25 year old organization had many individuals and processes that were entrenched in the organization, because "they've always been there." They were a bigger firm still operating as a small bootstrapped entity. They looked insular and insignificant to their potential clients, and were not known for innovation or creativity.

We worked with Ray and helped him understand the process entrenchment in their current state, and created a process for strategic planning. Over the last seven years, we have helped reorganize the business, install senior managers, create a succession plan, and institute an ongoing strategy and planning process. Their stock price has risen, and we've helped increase the value of the organization.

As of 2019, Instec is in high demand around the world to speak about their forward-thinking perspectives on the insurance industry and how their technology is impacting it.


THE Hechtman Group

Managing partner Jim Hechtman hired BreakThrough to work with him and his Partner to create the scalable, consultative accounting firm they had always envisioned.

The first question they needed to address was "Do we have the right people in our organization?" We helped develop a plan to measure successful players in his organization, and match the traits we wanted with current talent outreach. Jim wanted better teamwork, more organized tax professionals, to attract newly-minted CPA’s, and less requirements for his input in the day-to-day operations.

The Hechtman Group's last tax season was less stressful and more productive than ever. Now, their billable hours and realization are up, aged receivables are down, and their cash collection is skyrocketing. Jim's team is handling most day-to-day activities leaving him free to attract new clients, consult at a high level with strategic clients, and work on attracting new talent.


Prevue Pet Products

Jason, the partner and now sole owner of Prevue Pet Products (PPP), hired BreakThrough to work through the difficult transition his business was going through. After buying out the company Jason saw the future of his business shifting to the Internet.

They needed to change from a hierarchically organized street sales team into an agile and digitally-oriented international distributor. We helped Jason determine the key changes he needed to make: PPP's overall Inventory was reduced, operations and sales processes were quantified and perfected, and new staff were hired to fill in the new digital management roles.

Since we've been working together, PPP's sales have doubled and their gross margin has increased. On top of that success, they've opened a successful new product line, giving them access to new overseas markets which dwarf their current legacy space.


Odell Simms & lynch

"For 40 years, Odell Simms & Lynch has strategically positioned its clients to potential donors, investors, and partners to strengthen their opportunities for success. Odell, Simms & Lynch, Inc. offers full-service solutions in Fundraising & Sponsorship, Direct Marketing and Economic Development for some of the leading organizations in the world.

We partnered with BreakThrough Results to advise our new COO as he took over the reins of day-to-day operations, facilitate the development of a new 3 year strategic plan, assist in aligning the current partners’ interests with our COOs and create an additional level of accountability for the implementation and execution of the plan. Over the last year working with BreakThrough Results, OSL’s partners and executives became more focused on building on the success of its core business while expanding into new areas of opportunity and growth.

Our firm has reached unprecedented levels of profitability in large part through a smooth and efficient integration of our new COO with our team. I would recommend BreakThrough to any organization that’s facing challenges and contemplating change."


Other Fantastic Clients