LEVERAGING decades of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE STARTING AND GROWING BUSINESSES has led BreakThrough Results to be an in indispensable advisor & mentor to companies & business owners. We specialize in change management, business transitions, succession planning, strategy creation and implementation, as well as leadership development.

Business Advisors

Working one-on-one with senior leaders and Leadership Teams is a powerful way to achieve results.

It's a high-value and liberating experience to work directly with an experienced trusted advisor to address the specific challenges of running a business.

Our advisorship offers time-tested processes and techniques that ensure fast and positive results for your organization with transformational conversations, support and consulting. Our BreakThrough Moments Methodology is a step-by-step approach which blends business acumen and mindfulness techniques that remove roadblocks and open unseen possibilities. Our goal is to help you lead a sustainable life of achievement, presence and stress resilience.

A cadre of business and entrepreneurial coaches are available to you - at different levels and investments.

Looking for a coach who specializes in sales or business development? Perhaps one who conducts personality profiles and then empowers employees to reach their full potential? Or maybe you have high performers, emerging leaders who will explode into their next level with proven leadership development tools?

We'll match the perfect coach who aligns with your strategy and needs. A no obligation phone call offers more details. We promise - no hard sell. Just a conversation to assess your situation. 

Assured Success Coach (Hiring someone new? Bring in a seasoned professional to help with the transition.)

Business Planning & Strategy (Getting the most out of your company with aligned and engaged employees.)

Transitions & Change (No one likes either, but they are imperative for growth and the ability to pivot. We’ll take you through with ease, clarity, and a shared purpose.)

Climbing the Ladder Coach (Promotions are great, but challenging especially for those moving from a technical to a managerial roll. Shorten the learning curve and the heartache with coaching.)

Culture Shift (Shape the culture to reflect how YOU want your business ‘to be known as’.)

I'm Done, And What's Next for Me? (Succession Coaching brings freedom, peace of mind and clarity.)

I'm Presenting What? (Make life's most frightful professional duties easy, effective, and even fun with Presentation Coaching.)

Selling. (It's not just about tools and techniques. Sales Coaching brings an expanded ability to build relationships and launch sales to new pinnacles.)

Life Balance - Ha! Is there such a thing? (Yes, and it's not doing more of the same. Learn how to live a life that is satisfying and successful.)

That's Not What I Heard....(Get People to actually listen to you and each other with Effective Communication Coaching.)

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurial Start-up Coaching - Learn from our mistakes!)

Fund-raising coaching. (Need help getting funding? We've helped entrepreneurs raise start-up and investment capital.)


Our Forums are member-based, on-going, and include once a month group meetings as well as one-on-one time with each member (depending on the Group). We lead separate groups that align non-competing organizations who have shared organizational size and goals:


Discovery Groups utilize the power of group collaboration and engagement offering opportunities for mentoring, personal development and relationship networking. Discovery Groups work within a Company, Industry, or Association.

The Best candidates are those who are on the senior management leadership track. They have strategy responsibilities, fiscal accountabilities, manage, hire and fire employees, etc.

Participants are nominated by the CEO or senior leadership. Each Group is made up of six to eight members not in direct competition with each other and all Groups are professionally facilitated.

Check out this CBC Discovery Group as an example.

The Founders Forum

Members of The Founders Forum are established business owners with revenues under $1M and less than 5 employees. They are quite sophisticated in their core business areas of expertise and benefit from exploring ways to improve and expand their business without making large dollar and/or high risk investments. Membership is limited to 12 per Forum in order to support the highly interactive and trust-based methods used in discussions. 

BreakThrough Forum II

Members of The Breakthrough Forum II are company presidents and managing partners whose organizations range from 20 to 200 and whose revenue are reported in millions. They share a deep interest in growth, innovation, leadership development, best practices adherence, and ways to become dominant in their various market niches. Membership is limited and new members must be approved by existing members in order to preserve the high-value working relationships that are established among these leaders.

Workshops & Presentations

Sharing our wisdom and the stunning insights we get from our wickedly sharp clients, we customize workshops and presentations to engage attendees and enliven special events. Noted for using a highly interactive style, we can address the topics that are most important to you and your organization.

We have spoken on subjects ranging from “The Intentional Leader”, “INTRApreneurship”, “How to get Unstuck and Get Quick Results”, to “Simple Steps to Produce Sustainable Change” to “Ten Tips that Lead Small Business to Big Success”. Presentations on mindfulness, stress resilience and healthy living and how they relate to business are also very popular. We’re here to help enrich your next meeting with real world insights delivered with fun and finesse.

Strategic Planning

We align tactical planning and manageable tasks with the global scope of an organization’s strategy. Too often, the translation between the day-to-day activities and clear knowledge of the "big picture" are not closely linked. People are busy and active, but results don’t line up with the strategic plan.

We bridge that gap, help create or further define strategy and connect it all together. Profits grow, employees are more productive, and businesses flourish.

STRess resilience

Business Owner Burnout....we've seen it happen to dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs. But there's hope! We teach easy-to-learn, scientifically proven techniques and tools to avoid business owner burnout. Your business is part of you, but YOU are not your business. Stress resilience gives you the power to bounce back from the choppy waters of entrepreneurism to be even more                                                                      productive, calm and deeply satisfied.