Business Boost 5


Business Boost 5

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BreakThrough Leadership System (BLS) Foundation Day for upper management teams. Get your team thinking and working ‘on’ the business from day one of Q1.

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We've developed our BreakThrough Leadership System to help you deepen or shift your organization's culture to one that is primed for success and growth. Many entrepreneurial companies don’t have sustainable processes in place that ensure consistent delivery of services or products, communication or customer service, and our system can help you develop methods and strategies to do just that.

BreakThrough Leadership System Overview

  • The BLS helps build the operational structure, discipline, and cadence you find in a world-class and successful organization.

  • We start with a Foundation Day to create a Company Operating System,  introduce you on how to 'Make a Healthy SMART' organization, and demonstrate the key Primary BLS Tools.

  • Get training and tools to establish clarity, accountability and simplicity for the new year. In the Strategy/Vision Days that follow session one, we build the vision and add clarity, develop a Healthy Enterprise Program, a Business Improvement Program, including Quarterly Update days and the implementation of secondary BLS tools.

  • A day dedicated to Meeting Process Day adds in discipline, agendas, and the roll out.

Results? Your team is focused on the right priorities, with the right resources and direction. The BLS will enable them to grow faster, solve problems quicker and ultimately achieve your long term vision.

After the initial Foundation Day, you can have a team member champion the process, or bring in our qualified staff for the Strategy/Vision Day, Meeting Process Day, Quarterly Check ins or annual planning.

A no-obligation Introduction meeting is complimentary. Contact us now to find out more.

$5,000 Foundation Day

$2,500 all other ½ day sessions