As a business leader, it’s hard to determine when you need a coach, and what they could help you with. We often talk to our clients about the hard and proven benefits of having someone on your side like a business coach, but since everyone needs coaching on different things (or for different reasons) it can be hard to show examples that resonate.

Atul Gawande has a fantastic TED talk that does a great job of demonstrating the real-world results that coaching had for him as a surgeon - and how it was crucial for him to become a top-level doctor in his field.

“You don't recognize the issues that are standing in your way or if you do, you don't necessarily know how to fix them. And the result is that somewhere along the way, you stop improving. And I thought about that, and I realized that was exactly what had happened to me as a surgeon.

I'd entered practice in 2003, and for the first several years, it was just this steady, upward improvement in my learning curve. I watched my complication rates drop from one year to the next. And after about five years, they leveled out. And a few more years after that, I realized I wasn't getting any better anymore. And I thought: ‘Is this as good as I'm going to get?’“